Why does construction continue overnight?

Overnight work is necessary for the construction of several elements of our project. As we are building in an active rail corridor, we are not allowed to have construction personnel or equipment on the rail corridor when the trains are running on the tracks. This means we are only permitted to work at night, when train traffic has slowed. When overnight construction is necessary, we are committed to completing the work as quickly as possible and keeping our neighbours informed. We are working closely with our contractor, EllisDon, to expedite this work, and to reduce as much as possible the impact of the noise for our neighbours.

Why does the CIBC SQUARE construction site generate so much noise?

While any construction site poses noise challenges, there are unique challenges with a project this complex. Much of the work involves deep drilling to ensure that the buildings have a strong foundation. In particular, the elevated park requires 40 caisson foundations to be drilled into bedrock. We commit to working with our neighbours to keep you informed and where possible take steps with our contractors to limit noise. We will make every effort to give advance notice when overnight or noisy construction is required.

Will the construction affect local traffic?

Every effort has been made to minimize the impact of CIBC SQUARE’s construction on traffic. This includes the design of the construction site itself, which isolates certain aspects of traffic to the construction site from general traffic on Bay Street. However, we continue to solicit perspectives from pedestrians, commuters and drivers about the impact of our project on their travels through the city, and we are working with traffic consultants, BA Group, to ensure that our site is in keeping with the best design principles.

Will The Park be accessible to the public?

CIBC SQUARE’s one-acre elevated park is a state-of-the art, publicly accessible outdoor space. Built over the rail corridor it will connect the new 81 Bay and 141 Bay Street buildings and provide much-needed public greenspace to the Southcore neighbourhood. It is expected to be partially opened as part of Phase 1 of our project, in 2021, and fully opened as part of Phase 2 in 2024.

When will CIBC SQUARE be complete?

CIBC SQUARE is being built in two phases. Phase 1 – the construction of 81 Bay Street– became substantially complete in 2021, and includes a PATH connection to the Arena. Phase 2 – the construction of 141 Bay Street– is projected to be completed by late 2024, and includes PATH connections to Union Station and East of Esplanade through Backstage Condominium. The Park is expected to be partially opened as part of Phase 1 of the project in 2021 and fully opened as part of Phase 2, in late 2024.

Will the complex be sustainable?

CIBC SQUARE will meet the newest and most innovative standards. The project is designed to attain LEED® Platinum certification for the protection of our environment and the limitation of harmful carbon emissions, and WELL certification, for the health of its interior environments. The project is the first in Toronto to receive a WiredScore Platinum pre-certification, for its reliable and secure connectivity. Further, CIBC SQUARE is designed to deter bird strikes, in accordance with the City of Toronto’s development guidelines.

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